In order to obtain to your CybSafe certificate, you will have needed to complete the 9 core modules:

  • What is CybSafe?
  • Am I Really a Target?
  • Passphrases
  • Preventing Identity Theft
  • Public Wi-Fi
  • Browsing Securely
  • Device Security
  • Malware & Breach Recovery
  • Social Engineering

Please note that completion of GDPR Modules are not required to download the CybSafe certificate.

If you can't find your completion email, don't worry as you can download your CybSafe certificate straight from your account. 

It's really easy, just follow these few steps:

  • Log into your CybSafe account here,
  • Click on the tab "Progress" on the left hand side of your screen,
  • On the right hand side of your screen, you should see your learning progress percentage.
  • Click the link directly underneath it entitled "Download my certificate

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, you can contact the CybSafe team via We’re on hand to help resolve any further issues!

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