Engagement is a feature designed to automate the process of making sure your people login and complete CybSafe. The aim of this feature is to reduce the CybSafe Administrator's work should your people ignore or miss invitation emails and nudge emails. 

Nudge emails will be automatically sent out once a week leading up to the deadline you set, and in the final week this will change to once a day and is triggered at 9am the next day of the schedule.

Learning & Engagement Settings

You can change the settings for your Engagement campaigns as well as what emails your people will receive to be invited to CybSafe.

First select Administration > Learning Settings from the left hand menu of the CybSafe dashboard. You’ll see the following:

By default all settings are turned off so you can configure the way you want.

You have the following settings to determine:

  • Automatic Invitations - Turn this setting on if you would like your users to receive an email from the CybSafe platform as soon as they are uploaded. If this is turned off you can invite your users manually.

  • Login Reminders - Turn this on to chase those users who are yet to sign up. This is part of the engagement feature and will follow the time frames and start date you determine. Please note these emails will go out to your users after the Course Start date passes if the setting is turned on even if they have not been invited manually or automatically.

  • Send Welcome Email - Turn this on if you would like your users to receive an email once they have signed in for the first time.

  • Course Completion Reminders - Turn this on if you would like CybSafe to nudge your users until they have completed their assigned modules. This is also part of the engagement feature. Users will not receive this email until they have logged in to CybSafe and will stop receiving it after they complete their modules.

You can set when you want your people to start completing CybSafe under "Course start date". This will determine when the Login and Course Completion Reminders will begin to be sent.

"Completion Time Frame" determines how long the reminder emails will be sent out for. Once a user passes this time frame they will no longer receive reminder emails.

You also can determine how many modules a user must complete during their learning period. Once a user completes the set number of modules they will stop being sent reminder emails.

You can view the Welcome and Reminder emails, along with all other emails the platform sends out, by going to the Awareness Toolkit. Underneath 'Getting started with CybSafe', select 'Automatic learning engagement emails' for a full list of emails the platform sends out and previews of them.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, you can contact the CybSafe team via support@cybsafe.com. We’re on hand to help resolve any further issues!

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