This guide clarifies some of the terminology and information used in CybSafe CSV Refresher Test Reports. For help downloading CSV Refresher Test Reports, head over here..

Completion Date:
Is the date a user completed CybSafe. If this is blank, the corresponding user has not yet completed their assigned CybSafe modules.

Refresher Score:
Is the score a user achieved on the last Refresher Test that they completed.

Refresher Date:
Refers to the date on which a user last completed a Refresher Test. 

If this is blank, and the user has completed the course, it’s possible the user is ignoring Refresher Test invitations. (An exception is when a user has not yet received a Refresher Test invitation as time following course completion is not yet sufficient to warrant a Refresher Test..)

Days Since Refresher:
Is the total number of days elapsed since a user last completed a refresher test. If this field is blank, or if the number displayed is greater than the Frequency set to send Refresher tests in the account settings, the user may be ignoring Refresher Test invitations.

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