CybSafe is split into short engaging modules. Just complete them at your own pace. Each module takes between 5-13 minutes to complete.

Below you will find the names of all the Core Modules as well as a brief description of each of them.

1. What is CybSafe?

The module serves as a short introduction to the platform, our methodologies, and how users can get the most from their CybSafe experience

2. Am I Really a Target?

This module shows users how to identify the different type of criminals who frequent and use the internet and asks the user to consider why they might be a valuable target for criminals

3. Passphrases

Users are taught a method for creating strong passphrases. The method has been developed in conjunction with psychologists so that users are able to create passphrases which are easily remembered but difficult for criminals to defeat.

4. Preventing Identity Theft

Users are shown how simple it is to steal an identity. They are then provided the tools necessary to ensure neither they, their families or colleagues within their organisation become victims.

5. Public Wi-Fi

This module teaches users to recognise if a Wi-Fi hotspot is unsafe and shows them the benefits of using Wi-Fi securely.

6. Browsing Securely

Users are shown how to identify unsafe websites quickly, accurately and consistently, stop websites from tracking them, disable internet adverts and boost their download speeds.

7. Device Security

This module teaches users how to setup and use computers and other internet connected devices securely

8. Malware & Breach Recovery

Users are shown how to spot the signs of a malware infection, including ransomware. They are taught how to prevent infections and how to help friends and family members should one of their devices become infected. It also informs what should be done if a breach is discovered

9. Social Engineering

Users are taught how criminals conduct social engineering attacks by exploiting human traits, such as curiosity, courteousness, gullibility, greed and trust. They are taught how to detect and correctly respond to attacks to increase organisational security.

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