You can download several types of CSV reports from the CybSafe platform.

Wherever you see a Download CSV button on our reporting pages you have the ability to download the data from that report.

Once you have clicked Download CSV, the report will be emailed to you and will be available for future downloads from the CSV Reports page.

We have five different types of reports available to generate from the CSV Reports page. Other CSV reports pages are found in their respective reporting pages on the platform.

1. Completion Reports: Shows your users progress with the CybSafe modules. Displays how far a user is through a specific module, when they completed all their assigned modules and when they were certificated. This report is available for active and deactivated users.

2. Refresher Report: Shows how many Refresher tests have been sent to your people, how many they have failed, completed or ignored and what score they achieved on their latest test.

3. Phishing Report: A comprehensive list of every phishing email that CybSafe has sent to your users. Details when an email was sent, to whom and what the email subject line was. Also breaks down if that email triggered a "high", "medium" or "low" event from a user and at what time.

4. All Users Report: A report that shows a list of all users in your organisation. Shows groups a user belongs to as well as their overall progress with CybSafe.

To download and read CybSafe’s in-built CSV reports follow the steps below;

  1. Under "People", hit "CSV reports" from the menu on the left hand side hand side.

2. Click on the drop down menu to select between a Completion (for active or inactive users) or Refresher report

3. Click the “Generate Report” button. You’ll get a course progress CSV sent to you via email.

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