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Configure Okta to work with CybSafe

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Follow the below guide to setting up with Okta

Create new application inside Okta administration

  1. Click Add Application -> Create New App

  2. Select SAML 2.0 and click Create

  3. Name the application, and provide a logo (optional)

  4. The SAML settings to be configured are as follows:

    You can request a custom sso-slug via support@cybsafe.com

    Single sign on URL

    Audience URI (SP Entity ID)

    Default RelayState
    Leave this empty

    Name ID format

    Application username

    Attribute Statements:

    Table depicting the attributes that can be set

  5. Click next and follow the steps to save the new application.

  6. Remember to add users to the application!

Tell CybSafe the IDP metadata

On the Sign On page, click “Identity Provider metadata”, please copy & paste the URL to CybSafe.

It will look similar to:

We’ll then apply this URL to your account and we’ll let you know when setup is completed!

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, you can contact the CybSafe team via support@cybsafe.com. We’re on hand to help resolve any further issues!

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