Groups allow you to organise your people into relevant teams and departments. Once sorted into Groups, you can assign modules where relevant and access reporting for these Groups.

To access Group Management, navigate to your CybSafe homepage then select People > Group Management from the left hand menu.

You will be taken to the Group Management page. Here you can see all of your Groups on your account:

All your people are automatically in the Top Level Group (i.e. your organisation as a whole). Here you’ll see the total number of people who have access to CybSafe as well as how many modules they’ve been assigned.

Assigning modules to everyone

To assign modules to everyone in your organisation, first click “View Group”. 

From here, toggle the switches as required. Note: modules you assign to everyone will be available for everyone. That means you won’t be able to unassign said modules from any sub groups you create. If you want to assign a module to a specific group only, be sure to leave the module “Unassigned” for now. 

Creating new groups

To create a new group, click “Add a group”:

Choose the parent group you want your new group to belong to, and give it a name (e.g. “London Team”). 

Your new group (in this case “London Team”) will appear underneath its parent group. 

You can assign modules to your new group by clicking the relevant “View Group” link then toggling switches accordingly. Modules inherited from parent groups are fixed. 

To add people to a group, switch to the “People” tab on the same page. Select people using the checklist and click “Add to group”:

You can also change the name of a group, as well as change what "parent" group it belongs to by coming to "Settings" when viewing a group. Note that changing the parent group, will move both the selected group and any child groups it has.

To delete a group, head to the “Group Management” page, select the group you want to delete and click “Remove group’” Keep in mind deleting parent groups also deletes its sub-groups:

Note: If you create a Department using either User Provisioning or Active Directory, it will appear in Group Management. There will be a parent group called "Departments" and any departments you create will be child groups underneath. You cannot add child groups to any group created under Department.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, you can contact the CybSafe team via We’re on hand to help resolve any further issues!


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