CybSafe supports the use of OneLogin as a Single Sign-on (SSO). In this guide, we’ll go through configuring OneLogin to log in to CybSafe.

What you’ll need:

Step 1 - Create a new application in OneLogin

Log in to your OneLogin Dashboard as an admin.

In the top menu bar, click “Applications”. Next, click the “Add App” button.

In the search bar, type “Cybsafe”:

Click the Cybsafe app to add it to your organisation.

Step 2 - Initial configuration

Edit CybSafe’s Display Name and Description as desired.

You can also hide the app while you’re fine-tuning it using the “Visible in portal” toggle.

Click “Save” to add the app to your organisation.

Step 3 - Configuring Application details

Once the Cybsafe app has been saved to your organisation, more menu items will appear, allowing you to complete the installation.

Click on “Configuration” on the left, then enter the values for Audience (Entity ID) and Consumer URL. (CybSafe provides both.)

Now click “Save”.

Step 4 - Configuring access (optional)

To set which of your people can log in to CybSafe via OneLogin, hit “Access”.

Set who should have access and click “Save”.

(Please note: our guidance for this optional step is not exhaustive.If you’re uncertain about this step, please refer to the OneLogin documentation regarding Access.)

Step 5 - Provide Cybsafe with your SAML information

When you’ve finished configuring the app, click on “More Actions”.

Click “SAML Metadata” to download the metadata xml.

Finally, send the file to the Cybsafe team at to complete the setup.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, you can contact the CybSafe team via We’re on hand to help resolve any further issues!

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