As data privacy laws become more widespread and important, CybSafe is here to help you comply with such legislation. CybSafe currently offers modules on the two most robust data privacy acts: the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, applicable to organisations operating in the EU) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA, applicable to organisations that operate in California, USA). These modules are available at no extra cost when you purchase CybSafe.

GDPR and Your Rights

GDPR and Your Rights is an optional Cybsafe module included free with your account.

GDPR and Your Rights isn’t one of the nine core modules that make up CybSafe’s accredited course. However, we recommend your people complete the module, especially if your organisation handles a lot of client information.

If your people handle client data, GDPR means they have extra responsibilities. The GDPR and Your Rights module explains the key points around:

  • Data Protection
  • Changes for Businesses
  • Individual Rights
  • Personal and Sensitive Data
  • SARs
  • Audits

There are two versions of our GDPR Module, EU and International. The main difference is the International version contains fewer references to UK institutions and culture (for example National Insurance Numbers and the £GBP). Both versions give your people the knowledge they need to comply with GDPR regulations!


The CCPA module covers the California Consumer Privacy Act. The module explains what personal information is, what rights consumers have and how to respond to a consumer rights request.

The module also covers the four consumer rights under the CCPA and the rules that organisations must follow to ensure they protect people’s rights.

CCPA is not available by default on your CybSafe account. If your organisation operates in California and wants this module added to your account, contact and we will add it for you.

Please note the CCPA module is currently available in English only.

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