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On-demand help for administrators

Create your own space for cyber-security questions in your organisation

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On-demand help is designed to give your people up-to-date, expert advice on keeping safe online.

As an administrator, you’re able to supplement On-demand help with organisation-specific advice.

You can do this by adding your own categories to On-demand help, adding your own questions to those categories and editing which questions can be seen by users.

To access On-demand help Setup, click on the “On-demand help” button underneath “Improve behaviours” on the left-hand menu:

From here you will see a list of pre-existing categories from CybSafe. You can toggle whether users can see these categories. To create your own category click “Add a Category”:

You will be taken to the below page. Here you can create a new category (e.g. Internal Policies) and also assign it to a segment: either Home or Office.

Once you click save, your category will be published and visible (unless you toggle the visibility in the previous page).

To delete a category, select the box next to it and click “Delete”.

You can also add your own questions to existing categories. To do so, navigate to “On-demand help questions”:

Here you can see all the questions in On-demand help. You can toggle whether they are published and viewable by your people, and the groups that can see them.

To add a question click on “Add a Question” .You will be taken to this page:

Here you can assign your question to a category. You can also choose which groups will see the question (if you skip this step, your question will be visible to everyone). You can choose which language you want the question to be in as well. Click save. Your question will be visible as configured.

Please note, any questions you create will be marked as “Internal” on the list of questions. Questions created by CybSafe will have the “CybSafe” label. CybSafe questions cannot be deleted, only unpublished for your people. To delete your questions, select the box next to the question and click delete:

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, you can contact the CybSafe team via We’re on hand to help resolve any further issues!

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