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Get expert advice on how to stay safe online, at home and the office

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On-demand help is designed to give you up-to-date, expert advice on keeping safe online. Should you ever have a security question, you can turn to On-demand help .

On-demand help covers both ‘In the home’ and ‘In the office’ environments. It offers advice for common scenarios in both, and is constantly updated to reflect latest guidance on secure behaviours.

You can access On-demand help by clicking "Get Advice" on your homepage, or by clicking "On-demand help" on the top menu:

From here, you can check out all our advice on various topics in both the office and at home.

Clicking on a topic will bring you to a list of common cyber security scenarios and advice on how to handle them:

You can also search for a term and receive advice on that topic:

If your search does not result in any On-demand help entries being available, then the Insights feature will pop up. Users will then be prompted to leave an Insight (a question or query) anonymously if they wish, which will be sent to administrators to review and answer.

This can help fill in any gaps in your users knowledge, as well as supplement CybSafe with organisation-specific advice.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, you can contact the CybSafe team via support@cybsafe.com. We’re on hand to help resolve any further issues!

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