We have recently added new and improved phishing reports to the CybSafe Platform.

You can also obtain these reports in CSV Format based on the date range, campaign name, groups and event type!

Phishing overview

The Phishing overview page provides insights at a glance on the recent campaign results, you can filter by the date range, campaign name and which groups were included in the simulation.

People & Group comparison

You can now view People & Groups, to compare the phishing vulnerabilities. Plus the option to download the CSV.

Campaign comparison

With the new Campaign comparison and Group comparison reports, admins will be able to analyse the individual performance of their campaigns and groups so that they can identify those that were most (and least) successful!

The reports provide insights - which include the percentage of emails opened, clicked, reported, and the percentage emails for which people have submitted data - so that admins can understand the impact that each campaign and group has on people's behaviours.

Plus, there's the option to download both analyses as CSV files!

  • The Campaign comparison report can be found here.

  • The Group comparison report can be found here.

Phishing activity logs

The page gives you the activity breakdown including a list of all events performed during a campaign.

Check out this Help Centre article for more information on the logs.


The below filters are now available to select:

Date range - drop down to select the below date range options

Campaign name - drop down to select which campaigns you would like to see in your report

Groups - drop down to select the group(s)you would like to include in your report

Event type - drop down to select the event type(s) that you would like to see in your report

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, you can contact the CybSafe team via support@cybsafe.com. We’re on hand to help resolve any further issues!

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