The CybSafe Admin navigation menu has been revamped.

It has been updated to show all features and sections available to admins to make it easier to navigate through the CybSafe platform

The admin menu is located in the sidebar here. It displays everything available to admins with clear, intuitive titles that remove any guesswork.

This gives you a holistic view which integrates old and new features seamlessly. So it’s easier to find what you need!

Under Reports, you’ll find all of our reporting dashboards. This includes overviews of how your people are getting on with their modules, phishing data, and how users are interacting with features such as On demand-help and Goals. This is where you can find the exportable CSV reports too.

In “Improve Behaviours” you can edit your reminder emails, featured modules and refresher tests. You can also edit your phishing campaigns here along with the On-demand help and Goals features.

We’ve put all of our great resources for your CybSafe campaign under “Resources”, including the Awareness and Security Behaviour toolkit, and SebDB, the world’s most comprehensive cyber security behaviour database.

Finally under “People” you’ll find all the user provisioning tools CybSafe has.

You’ll also notice that the user navigation menu has moved to the top of the screen. This change is available to users too and can be switched on or off as they please.

It's a beta feature, so you'll need to switch over to the new menu to try it out!

Here's how you switch it on:

  • Go to the banner at the top of your screen, you see a link saying “try the new menu now”. Once you click this, you’re good to go.

  • You can also make the switch by clicking the three dots at the top right-hand corner of your screen. Then click on ‘switch to new menu’. It’s that simple.

  • You always have the option to switch back to the original menu. You can do this in the same place where you switch it on (in the three dots at the top of your screen).

  • Users can switch to the new menu in the same way

We hope you enjoy the new admin navigation menu, and please do not hesitate to send in your feedback to

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