CybSafe gives you the ability to integrate the CybSafe platform with your Slack workspace.

Currently you can use this integration to send your people any security behaviour goals, CybSafe nudges, or custom nudges.


If you aren’t an administrator in your organisation's Slack, you may need to request help from someone who is.

Step 1: Log in to CybSafe platform

Step 2: Navigate to

Step 3: The Slack authentication flow will take you to approve permissions to access the app

Step 4: Once the permissions are granted, you will see the success message in CybSafe platform confirming the integration.

Connecting the app to CybSafe & Sending nudges

Once the app is installed, it will automatically link the Slack account to the CybSafe user that has the same email.

People who have a Slack account linked to their CybSafe account will receive nudges in Slack whenever one is sent either via email or via browser push notifications (or both).

It is not currently possible to send a nudge exclusively via Slack.

After you have clicked "Add to Slack", CybSafe will be added to your Apps and you will be able to see it in your Slack Workspace.

Using the slack app to send security behaviour goals

As stated before, currently Slack can send users their security behaviour goals they are yet to complete. The platform will push these goals out on a Tuesday at around 11am GMT. The particular one sent will be based on the hierarchy of the security behaviour the goal is associated with. Said hierarchy can be found in SedDB, the world’s most comprehensive cyber security behaviour database.

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