We're trying out a new concept - all your human cyber-risk headline scores and metrics in one place. This is a new page that is going to evolve a lot in 2023, but we wanted to get something in front of you to see what you think about it - even if its not fully functional yet.

Intrigued? Please see some frequently asked questions below to find out more:

What is the human cyber risk score?

This is a summarising metric that brings together a variety of CybSafe metrics to give you a simple at-a-glance view of your overall human cyber risk.

It incorporates knowledge, knowledge retention, security behaviour, confidence, sentiment and digital resilience into a single view, rolled up across your organisation.

Why do some widgets update when I change the filter and others do not?

Not every data point makes sense to show on a time based view. Stats like your human cyber risk score and the number of users on CybSafe are, for the moment, a live view of the world and so won't update when you change the filter.

What are the references to guide, phish and respond?

These are new ways of thinking about our product and are ways in which we're going to make our platform easier to understand and group together. Stay tuned for more news on this.

I can see this page is in beta: is anything else planned for this page?

  • We'll be continuing to add more widgets on a regular basis to share more CybSafe insights and ideas with you.

  • We'll improve the quality of the links so you can take a closer look at the data without having to apply filters yourself.

  • We'll also explore the option to personalise the page so you can adjust the views to show only the widgets that are valuable to you.

  • We'll also ensure it supports delegated access for those with subsidiaries.

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