CybSafe is moving to learning campaigns

The way you assign modules and content to people is getting an upgrade. In the coming days you'll be prompted to use learning campaigns instead of group management to assign modules to users. All of your existing assignments and reporting data will still be honoured and your people won't notice the difference. But when you're prompted to, we encourage you to try out some of the awesome new features!

Need to knows 👇

1. You'll be be able to use this new feature to schedule module assignments, once your existing module assignments are automatically migrated over to the new set up, expected to be by the 27th March.

2. You can try out the feature now - but please note that any campaigns you create won't have any actual effect on your people's learning until your previous module assignments are moved over on the above date.

3. There's no required action that you need to take for this change if you don't want to, any modules you've already assigned will continue as normal and people won't be affected. Your current assignments will appear as campaigns in the campaign list after this date

Keen to get going? If you'd like to start using this feature sooner than that, then please get in touch with your account manager or our support team who can advise on how to do this.

What are learning campaigns?

Learning campaigns are a more practical way to help your people grow their cybersecurity knowledge.

Until now, you’ve only been able to assign predetermined learning campaigns to either everyone, or groups you’ve manually defined. You’ve also been unable to schedule learning assignments in advance or plan a sequence of events through the year. Plus, CybSafe certificates were defined by CybSafe, not by you.

No longer! With Learning Campaigns you can:

  1. Define distinct campaigns with specific goals. Decide whether completing the campaign will earn the CybSafe certificate

  2. Choose which modules you want to include in your campaign and whether they are mandatory or not. Your people will see these modules on their Learning page as usual.

  3. Define your audience based on specific criteria - e.g. who’s recently failed a phishing sim?

  4. Schedule the campaign for any point in time - and the parameters for it ending or restarting.

With a 60-day module-completion grace period (soon to be customisable) your people won’t have to retake the same module in that time period, even if they’re part of multiple campaigns.

How to set up a learning campaign

A learning campaign can be set up in just 5 short steps ⏩

To start - go to Improve behaviours -> Learning campaigns. Then click "Create campaign".

You'll be guided through 5 steps.

Step 1: Configuration

  • Choose a name for your campaign. This will only be visible to admins.

  • Activate campaign. Sets whether the campaign is active or not. We recommend leaving this on.

    • NB: a campaign will only run to its schedule in step 5.

  • CybSafe certificate: At the moment you can designate one campaign to be the campaign that users must complete to get their CybSafe certificate.

Step 2: Audience rules

  • This functions like nudges and alerts. Use dynamic rules to define who'll be enrolled in the campaign and be assigned the modules. You can see an estimate of how many people are involved below. More criteria will be added regularly!

Step 3: Choose your content

  • Select content from our entire module library to include in the campaign.

  • Choose whether they are mandatory or non-mandatory to complete the campaign.

We have a 60-day grace period. This means, if a user completed a CybSafe module in the past 60 days, they won't be asked to complete it again, regardless of the campaigns they're enrolled in. In the future, this will be customisable.

Step 4: Schedule your campaign

  • On this page, you can schedule your learning campaigns. There are two types of campaigns: time-bound and continuous.

  • Time bound campaigns have a distinct start and end date. They will only run between the dates and times specified.

  • Continuous campaigns don't have a defined end date. Instead you'll be asked to specify:

    • A completion deadline, which is a time period you'd like users to complete the campaign within after they enrol.

    • Reset user progress. This gives you the option to force users to retake the campaign again after a given period.

Step 5: Review

  • Check you're happy with everything and click create to set up your campaign.

  • If anything doesn't look right - you can use the links to return to the relevant sections to make amendments.

What happens next?

Once your campaign starts, enrolled users will see modules appear in their Learning page and to do list.

They'll be reminded to complete them by our out-of-the-box nudge reminder emails (if enabled), or your own nudges on supported platforms (if you've elected to set them up).

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I designate more than one parallel campaign to earn the CybSafe certificate?

A: Not currently. You must choose only one campaign at a given time to earn the certificate. However, this is something we’ll be changing in due course, including the ability to use your own certitifcate.

Q: What happens once a completion deadline or campaign has ended and people haven’t finished their modules?

A: The module will still be assigned to them to complete and the user will still be chased by the system to complete it. You also have the option of using nudges as well. However after the deadline the person’s behaviour score for “completes security awareness training” will be penalised.

Q: What happens when a campaign has started - will people still be enrolled in it?

A: In this very first version, no - the audience as defined at the moment the campaign starts will be included and not if someone qualifies after that point. However this is a feature we’re looking to add in imminently - and you’ll be able to decide whether to use this or not as part of the campaign set up process.

The same principle applies for people who no longer satisfy the criteria after its launched. If people are enrolled, they'll still be expected to complete the campaign.

Q. Can we include other content like behaviour goals in a campaign?

A: Excellent question. Our answer is simply to watch this space - it is in the works!

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