CybSafe gives you the ability to create phishing campaigns that target specific groups of users.

To edit campaign settings, navigate to “Phishing Settings” underneath the Settings tab on the left hand menu.

You will then see an overview page of all Phishing campaigns, both active and disabled. From here you can edit an existing campaign or create a new one.

If you wish to create a new campaign, click “Create Phishing Campaign”

You will arrive on the “Create Campaign” page as seen below:

Here you can select whether a campaign is active or not (campaigns not set to active will not send out any emails), as well as the name of the campaign.

Also customisable is the rate that emails are sent. You can set how many emails go out and the period of time they go out for.

For example you can configure CybSafe to send out 7 emails every 2 weeks or 3 emails every 4 weeks.

Once you have chosen your settings you can choose to save the campaign there and then. This will mean that everyone that is active on CybSafe (anyone who has been uploaded and not deactivated) will begin to receive phishing emails, regardless if they have logged in or been invited to CybSafe.

It will also mean that the campaign runs continuously, with it ending only when you toggle the “Active” button.

Advanced Settings

By selecting “Advanced” you have the option of customising your campaign further still:

Here you can set the Campaign period, a start and end date for when you want your campaign to run. You can also set the hours in which you want the phishing emails to go out.

Please note that currently these times are for GMT only, so adjust accordingly for your time zone.

Specific groups can also be chosen to be enrolled in a campaign. If selected then only the chosen groups will receive phishing emails.

For more information on how to set up groups check out our article on Group Management.

Finally, you have the option to turn on custom email selection. If this is turned on then you will be able to select which phishing emails you want to include in a specific campaign.

Simply select which emails to include with the checkbox and select “add to campaign”. The chosen emails will then appear on the right hand menu under “Campaign templates”.

To assist you in selecting, you are able to preview both the email itself and the simulated attack website.

Still have any questions?

If you still have any questions, you can contact the team at and we will be happy to answer any further concerns.

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