To keep CybSafe’s implementation smooth, we recommend following the below steps.

Phase 1: Planning

1. Plan CybSafe’s roll out

  • By Country

  • By Department

  • By Managers & Team Leaders

  • All Staff

2. Review Content Requirement

3. Engage leadership - explain the business benefits and the value of CybSafe

4. Determine overall communication and staff engagement plan and assets required

Phase 2: Technical preparation

1. Allowlist CybSafe

2. Check browser compatibility

3. Confirm CybSafe administrator account login(s)

4. Setup & configure accounts (including language, simulated attacks & refresher tests)

5. Test single sign-on & any integrations (where applicable) are working

6. Check CybSafe’s embedded Vimeo Videos work

Phase 3: Onboarding

1. Prepare a list of users

2. Customise CybSafe as you see fit with Annotations

3. Add customised Assist questions and Protect checklists

4. Run a pilot test

5. Agree a Go-Live date with CybSafe

Phase 4: Communication

1. Inform Management

2. Deliver a Company Announcement, you can find our templates in our Awareness Toolkit, in Getting Started with CybSafe > Personalised launch emails.

3. Complete follow-up call with CybSafe prior to Go Live

Phase 5: Go-Live

1. Upload and Activate users

2. Start Reporting

Phase 6: Post-rollout activities 

1. Reflect - has the rollout lived up to expectations?

2. Request and collate user feedback

3. Review analytics & usage statistics

4. Goal Reviews 

Here is an example of what a CybSafe Rollout looks like:

You can also check out our Awareness Toolkit for great resources to help you run your CybSafe campaign!

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, you can contact the CybSafe team via We’re on hand to help resolve any further issues!

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