Implementing CybSafe

Our recommendations for implementing CybSafe and ensuring you gain value as fast as possible.

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To keep CybSafe’s implementation smooth, we recommend following the below steps.

These steps are not in a particular order, but rather a great place to find everything to be done.

You can find our Onboarding tracker in our Awareness Toolkit.

It is a helpful plan that highlights all the tasks you may need to do to get up and running with CybSafe. πŸŽ‰

Our Awareness Toolkit has loads of great resources to help you run your CybSafe onboarding and security campaign!

πŸ† Phase 1 - Success Criteria

We believe in setting yourself a goal and through hard work you will achieve it! Using CybSafe should not be any different.

Give some thought to what would mean a successful implementation, what would mean CybSafe was a success within your business?

  • Timeframes - How quickly do you want to launch and what would mean the launch was a success?

  • Define your goal! This might be launched to a certain office with 50% of users logging in and completed 3 CybSafe Goals.

  • Define your metrics to measure and what you would report internally.

πŸ“š Phase 2 - Decide Approach

It's always handy to think through what are your areas of focus with CybSafe?

  • Define your roll out, a phased approach with smaller groups, then office locations then rest of the world. Or is it a big bang?

    • You can phase your roll out in terms of users onto the platform and phase the introduction of features and content they may have available.

  • Communications is key!! This ensures your people understand the requirement, they are aware of CybSafe and who we are.
    Without communications you can erode trust in the platform. We have various templates in our Awareness Toolkit to help you .

    • Make a decision if you are using CybSafe's auto generated invitations mails or if you would prefer to send these yourself internally. We always advise to use our emails to save you the manual work.

  • Do you have a requirement for a pilot group? We always recommend a small test group to ensure your setup is correct. You will need to define the audience as well as all communications for this group. Everything you do to roll out to this pilot group will be almost identical to a full launch.

βš™οΈ Phase 3 - Technical Preparation

There are certain steps you need to take on the platform and internally to ensure your people can use CybSafe. These features ensure our platform is

  • Allowlisting - Follow our guidance to ensure that our emails can be delivered to your people.

  • Setup SSO - You can use email address and Passphrase's to access CybSafe but to create a secure and ideal user experience we recommend setting up Single Sign on.

  • Setup User Provisioning - To make user management simpler for you as an admin we always recommend setting up an automated user provisioning integration.

    • Before adding users to the platform you MUST ensure your Learning Settings are correct. As soon as a profile is created on the platform our automated emails will be sent immediately.

  • Conduct any required testings on any integrations to ensure they work as expected and that all relevant attributes are being sync'd with CyBSafe to enrich your reporting.

πŸ›  Phase 4 - Platform Setup

We have many settings to help you to ensure that your people have the best user experience with CybSafe.

  • Ensure your Organisation details are correct, you can read more here.

    • Opt in to Early Releases.

    • Upload your company logo - This shows on the platform as well as in our automated emails.

    • Update your Organisations name if required - This shows in our invitation emails and on the platform for your people.

    • Add your website (optional)

    • Select your accounts default language - this defines the default language for any users you add to the platform.

    • Add or update your Primary Contact details - This ensures we know who to speak to about your account. - This email address will also show in our Welcome Email sent to your users once logged in so they know who to contact for support internally. You can toggle this email on and off in the Learning Settings page.

    • Approve partner access if applicable.

  • Evaluate the CybSafe Content available to your people, assign to them in Group management.

    • You may need to load your users and their groups (Departments/Divisions etc) before you can assign your modules.

  • Add any Annotations to the CybSafe modules.

  • Feature any hot topics.

  • Configure your Refresher Tests.

  • Review your Group Management structure once your people have been added.

    • This maybe defined through a user provisioning integration, any changes should be made in your infrastructure to sync to CybSafe.

  • Setup your Culture Survey.

  • Configure Learning Settings - these are crucial in how you invite and remind your users to complete their content.

    • We recommend turning these off until after launch, unless you want to use our auto invites as you add your people tot he CyBSafe Platform.

  • Add your People - We have Four ways to add your people.

    • Manually add individual users

    • Bulk upload via CSV

    • Sync via use provisioning

    • JIT (Just in Time) Provisioning - requires SSO setup and your SSO url shared with your people.

πŸ›Ό Phase 5 - Rollout

Everything you have done in the above 4 phases has led to this point, breathe! πŸ™Œ

Some of the tasks below would have been defined and built in previous phases.

  • Implement any lessons learnt from pilot group

  • Ensure leadership buy in - We can help you in our Awareness Toolkit

  • Organise an internal launch session if applicable.

    • Our customers have great success with engagement and their roll out when hosting an internal event.

    • Usually boosts awareness of CybSafe, engagement with the product and overall interest in Cyber Security topics.

  • Send any internal communications.

    • Comms announcing CybSafe for wider business context.

    • A get ready for Launch comms.

    • Invitation Comms if you are not using our automated emails.

🏁 Phase 6 - Post Rollout

Apart from giving yourself a pat on the back for your hard work. πŸ€— It's now time to monitor your deployment and focus on achieving your goals you set out in the beginning.

  • Turn on your Learning Settings - You may have left these off while you manually did the roll out. Now is the time to turn on any reminders and automatic invites for your people.

  • Define and build your internal reporting requirements.

  • Conduct a lessons learned session - everyone can improve, you may want to do something different later on or for year 2 of your CybSafe journey.

  • Gather any product feedback and share this with CybSafe.

  • Enjoy your CybSafe journey.

Congratulations on your successful implementation of CybSafe! πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚πŸ₯³

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, you can contact the CybSafe team via We’re on hand to help resolve any further issues!

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